The type of people
we need

People who can dedicate their energy to building and running a highly complicated platform
(this includes hardware, firmware, cloud services and smartphone applications).
▪️ People with a solid background in computer science and an entrepreneurial spirit
who are looking for a new opportunity as engineers.
▪️Those who can deal politely and considerately with customers when they say
“I don’t understand” or “we have a problem.”
▪️ People interested in working in an extremely international environment
(our team includes members from more than 9 countries, we are almost like a miniature United Nations).
▪️ For anyone who would like to try developing new technology for the vending machine industry with us,
we are eagerly awaiting your application!

What do we do?

TenTen is a fast-growing technology company founded in 2013.
As part of the Suntory Green+ Application project,
we are developing and managing a smartphone-based consumer loyalty service.
We develop our own IoT based platform based on our SmartBeacon® Bluetooth devices
which are installed in vending machines.

Open Positions

Engineering Positions
  • We are not currently recruiting for this position.
Corporate Staff
  • We are not currently recruiting for this position.
Business Positions
  • We are not currently recruiting for this position.

Work Location

Our office is a well appointed and relaxing workspace located in the stylish Omotesando district.
For those with the necessary skills and a high level of self-management ability
it is also possible to work remotely.